Things to Know About Hot Water Cylinder Auckland

Are you planning to buy a hot water cylinder Auckland? Then you need to keep certain things in mind. We are here to give you all the information you need in order to buy the best hot water cylinder Auckland. Here in this article, we will take a closer look at all the important aspects of buying a hot water cylinder Auckland. We really hope that this article is useful to you. Read on to find out more on this.

Direct rheem hot water cylinder Auckland

We are going to take a look at direct hot water cylinder first.

  • In the case of direct hot water cylinder Auckland, the heating source will be inside the cylinder.
  • But direct hot water cylinder Auckland comes with its own complications.
  • Direct cylinders usually have coils inside the water tank to heat it. There is no external heat source as such.
  • Water will be heated with the help of a heated coil. Most of the direct cylinders make use of copper coils given the fact that it ensures good heat transference. Without any doubt, copper is the ideal material for the coil.

Indirect hot water cylinders

Next up, we will see the case of indirect hot water cylinders.

  • Indirect hot water cylinders use an external heat source. We usually go for a heat exchanger for the same.
  • Now speaking of the heat source, it can be either a solar panel or a burning stove. It is just that the heat source will be external. It will not be placed inside the cylinder.
  • But in some cases you will find cross over technology as well. Indirect cylinders might use an internal heat source. You can go for this in case you think that the power source is unreliable.

Solar power

Solar power is an excellent power source in many ways. Indirect hot water cylinders usually rely on solar power as a power source. If you wish to reduce the electricity bills then you can totally rely on the solar power. It does not cause emissions and that makes it environmental friendly as well. Last but not least, if you wish to improve your energy efficiency ratings, then we recommend solar power. You will be saving some money as well in the long term.

Damages caused by chlorine

You need to be aware of this. Recent studies have revealed that chlorine can be harmful to your hot water cylinder. Even though there is no direct proof that chlorine is definitely going to damage your hot water cylinder, there is enough evidence suggesting that there is high chance for damage in the case of chlorine water. This holds true especially in the case of old hot water cylinders.

There have been several reports of widespread damage of old hot water cylinders when local water had chlorine. But the damage wasn’t that rampant in the case of new models. So, you need to keep that in mind. You should check with the local authority to see if they plan to chlorinate the water. This will save you time and money. Last but not least, you should buy the hot water cylinder Auckland from a reliable supplier.

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