Common Causes Requiring Pipe Repairs

Older homes tend to have problems with their pipes as they age over time, and with our cold weather, they can quickly develop leaks. These leaks could be under kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks. Also, pipes underground can burst, which can be problematic over time if not caught early.Homes built before updated technology often have metal pipes, which over time begin to rust and corrode. With our newer technology, removing old pipes is not always necessary. We have water pipes that fit over the old ones, making installation easier and cheaper than in the past and making the new pipes last for another couple of decades.

On occasion, pipes are clogged too far down to snake them. When this is the case, we have a drain inspection camera that goes down through the pipes until the leaking pipe(s) are located. Many of the older homes were built with grease traps for the kitchen pipes. If they are not cleaned out periodically, this can cause the clog to be further down than possible to see with the naked eye.

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