Different Types Pipes for Plumbing

Pipes are the prominent accessory in plumbing works. It is common that people get confused in the selection of the pipes since there are many varieties used of pipes available in the market. The materials used to make it and the functions they perform also are different from each other. Although the common differentiation is the metal and plastic pipes the user has to select the right product from these. Here comes the significance of an experienced and qualified plumber who can easily identify which will suit the purpose. Some of the famous and widely used pipes are briefly explained below.

1. PEX
When plumping is done by the occupants themselves PEX is the pipes commonly used. This is very flexible and is available in many colour codes. The water supply is the purpose performed by these pipes. The main advantage of these pipes is that they are very east to cut and join. The easiness to make 90 degree curves with PEX is the other reason which attracts many users.

2. PVC
The common purpose of PVC pipes are the drainage and vent lines. The introduction of the PVC pipes has been a revolutionary movement since to work with PVCs are comparatively very easier than the conventional steel pipes. It is to be noted that they are generally used as waste carrying pipes and not as supply pipes. To connect PVCs to each other is also an easy task for which solvents, hacksaw or a miter box is used. Another attraction of these pipes is the easy marking of readings which can also be done using Pi-Piper.

3. Rigid copper
These are commonly used by the professional or qualified plumbers for water supply. There are special cutters available in the market to cut the copper tubes. To solder the copper pipes are not that easy so that experienced plumbers are required.

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